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Redhead Dancing Girl

yes. my name really is carley.

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Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Green limosine for the redhead
Dancing dancing girl
And when I dance for him
Somebody leave the light on
Just in case I like the dancing
I can't remember where I come from

My name is Carley. I'm 27. I live in Seattle. I'm a massage therapist, aspiring aerialist, circus geek, dancer, cyclist, and generally happy person. I work at Brown Paper Tickets, the most awesome company in the world. I don't use my LJ much.

aerial arts, ani difranco, anthropology, archaeology, art, astrology, azam ali, baking, beauty, being, belly dancing, bisexuality, björk, bob marley, books, breathing, brown paper tickets, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, candles, chakras, chocolate, circus contraption, clouds, compassion, cooking, creativity, cycling, dancing, dar williams, david bowie, deliciousness, depeche mode, desire, diana gabaldon, djembe drums, earth, eastern religions, elfquest, exercising, family, festivals, fiona apple, fire, folk music, forgiveness, freedom, friends, garlic, geeking out, german, giving, glitter, green, healing, health, hiking, history, hot showers, hugs, ice cream, incense, indigo girls, integrity, islands, jason webley, jeff buckley, joni mitchell, joules graves, joy, kinesiology, knitting, labyrinth, laughter, laura love, led zeppelin, living, loreena mckennitt, lotus flowers, love, massage therapy, maynard james keenan, meditation, moisture festival, monty python, mountains, music, musicals, nag champa, nature, nine inch nails, nirvana, niyaz, om, oregon country fair, paganism, painting, passion, paul simon, peace, phantom of the opera, photography, pink floyd, pirates, plants, portishead, pottery, purple, radiohead, rain, rainbows, ravi shankar, reading, reciprocation, red dwarf, red wine, reiki, release, roadtrips, rose polenzani, rufus wainwright, sanskrit, sarah brightman, seattle, sensuality, silence, singing, sitar, sky cries mary, sleeping, solitude, solstice, spirituality, strength, tea, thai food, the beatles, the moon, the ocean, tofu, tool, tori amos, touch, vegetarianism, velvet, water, weight lifting, writing, yoga