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-Work until 3:30
-Go home
-Enter Homeworkland
-Watch a movie for English class
-Review two classmates' papers for English class
-Read 50 pages for Nutrition
-Write up lab report for last night's Chem lab, do calculations, etc.
-Study for Chem exam tomorrow night
-Leave Homeworkland
-Maybe watch an episode of Bones, depending on how late it is
-Eat ice cream

Maybe I have a lot of stuff to do.


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Off to catch a bus home!

Volunteered at AerLift at the Moisture Festival on Wednesday night. Yummy!

Volunteering again tomorrow afternoon, and Oscar and Tristan are coming to the show.

This is my last weekend before school. I start on Monday.

Eeeeeeeeeep! :D

More funnies

I was getting dressed this morning when Tristan walked in. I had on cute black and purple matching bra 'n panties (ooOOoo secksi), and vertical striped green and black stockings.

He looked at me for a minute, then said, "I like your socks!"

I said thanks. He said, "I like your underwear! And your .. boob thing."



I said, "It's called a bra, and thank you, I like them too!"

Gettin' schooled!




Classes start on March 30th. I'm registered for an evening Chemistry class on Tuesday and Thursday nights, an online English Composition class, and an online Nutrition class. Why the F they make everyone take an English Composition class, especially those of us who got the highest possible grade on the assessment test.. I don't know.

I'm going to be cutting down to 32 hours a week at work, to make time for being classy. They say that you should expect to devote between 12 and 15 hours a week to an online course. Let's see..

32 hours of work
24 hours of online classes
6 hours of on-campus classes who knows how much homework for the Chem class.. IS SHE CRAZY? Perhaps, perhaps. I'm just hoping that I have enough of "the smarts" to take English Composition and Nutrition by storm. I hope that their time estimations are for people who may not be quite as academically kickass as I am. People who, say, don't have a photographic memory. (Let's hope that good ole' photographic memory is still .. photographic.)


In other news, Oscar and I are going to sell the Honda Civic and buy a "beater" car for me to drive a few miles a week to class. This summer, hopefully, Tristan's mom is going to buy the Chevy Impala from us, and we'll get a Prius. Mmm, hybrids. We're hoping to get a few grand more for the Honda than we have to spend on the beater car, so that we have some to stick away for the Prius. And by beater car I mean most likely an American-made car that has way less miles than the Honda, but not quite as many of the awesome bells and whistles, and is therefore way cheaper. I don't want a crappy car that's going to break down on me all the time. It just seems like a waste to have a car that is worth a lot, gets great mileage, and is really reliable, and .. have it sitting in the driveway most of the time, losing value.


We're also looking at other schools to enroll Tristan in for 1st grade. We have a tour of one of them on Friday morning. He already got to see the other one, and ultimately the decision is up to him. They're both close by. One is within 15 blocks of the house, so it'd be a really quick pick up and drop off, and the other has bus service, but would be further of a drive for evening pick-ups. Either way.. they're both good schools. We're hopeful.


Wowza. School.. cars.. school.. blah blah. I'm not stressed ONE BIT, no sir.


/me bashes head against wall


Random stuff

Today is beautiful and sunny and yay! I lifted weights this morning. For the first time this year. My lazy-ass is going to get itself back in shape. Yesssssssss.

Yesterday was mine 'n Oscar's nine-month-iversary. <3 <3 <3

I was making "Dutch babies" for breakfast last Sunday. My dad used to make them on the weekends when I was a kid - they're basically flour, eggs, and milk, whipped up together and then baked in the oven. Pretty tasty, though a bit too eggy for my tastes.

Anyhow, I was making Dutch babies for the boys, and Tristan was "helping". I went to put the flour in, and he said, "That's wheat flour." And I said yes, it is. And he said, "You can't eat that." And I said no, I can't. (Like I said, they're too eggy for me, so I had a GF pancake instead. Nom.)

Tristan then said, "I can eat wheat. But I can't eat eggs, or people."

I stared at him, then lolled, and told him that he can eat eggs, but not people. And he said, "Yes, I can eat eggs. But I can't eat people. And I can't eat eggs that have people or dinosaurs in them."


Love. <3 <3

A glimpse of the cuteness that is my day-to-day life

I was the first one out of bed this morning, so I took advantage of the opportunity to wake Tristan up, since Oscar usually gets him out of bed. I tip-toed into his room to grab clothes for the day, and then set them out on the rug in the living room. I went back into his room and moved the blanket off of him, and pet his head, saying his name a few times softly. He woke up all groggy and rubbed his eyes and stretched his hands out toward me, mumbling.

I picked him up and pulled him down off of his bed (which is the top "bunk" of a bunk bed-ish setup that has all of his toys underneath it instead of another bed). As I walked out of his room, he flopped backwards, and said sleepily, "Where's papa?" I said, "Papa's still in bed. I got out of bed first, so I decided to come get you up, since I don't get to get you up very often!" He said, "That's.. nice.. 'cuz.. .. I love you.." All sleepy-like.

So cute. Ahh, the cuteness.

Moar of an update to follow lay-tur, yes. Exciting things. Want to type all aboot them, but want to put a picture up with them.. and don't really have everything that goes in the picture yet. :P


Important things happening right now. The suspense is killing me. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghrfple!


I love everything and everyone. The world is awesome. Thank you. :D

Gettin' aroooooooooound


Wow snow!

I braved the snow today, hehe. After a relaxing morning, we bundled up in layer upon layer upon layer and put on our waterproof billowy clothing. There was much photographing in the pristine snow, and then we got out the shovel and rake and broom and "cleared" the walkway, and cleaned off the car. Oscar's brother called to say that he had found a place near us that had traction cables, but that they closed at 4:30.. luckily we had cleaned the car off and were planning to go out and run errands, so we did that first.

We got there at about 4:10 only to find that their credit card machine was broken, and neither of us had enough cash for two sets of cables. We found an ATM about ten blocks up, managed to get back down to the place before closing, and got chains for both cars. I backed the car up and rolled it forward a few times and Oscar got the chains on.

There were some craaaaaaaaaaazy idiots on the streets. People driving without their lights on, people going really fast, big trucks and SUVs thinking that the laws of physics don't apply to them, people trying to turn through the two foot high snow barrier between the lanes.. yeah.

We went up north and got a tree (yay!!), got some groceries, and headed down to Northgate to pick up the portraits. We got Masala for dinner (OMG droooooooooool!) and came home.. and ate the Masala.. nom nom.. and now there is tea, and computer games, and sleep! Glorious sleep! I don't want to take any more time off of work, so I'm planning to go in tomorrow. I went to the Metro website to check the status of the buses, and three of the five routes that go into Fremont are temporarily suspended. Nice. I went to the trip planner to plan my route, and the three routes it showed me use either the 17 or the 30, both of which are suspended. Ha. Nice.

Eventually, after changing my arrival time around a bit, I found a route that goes to the Northgate transit center, and then one that goes down to work. It's supposed to snow tonight, and again in the morning, so we'll see how traffic is. :\ Oscar doesn't want me to go in tomorrow, not because I'd be endangering anyone with my oh-so-pedestrian ways, but visibility is low and there were crazy people on the roads and he doesn't want me to get hit by a car. I don't want to get hit by a car.

I do want to get work done, though, and I do want to save my vacation time. :\ So, we'll see. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. Snooooooooooooooooooooooow! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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I haven't left my house since getting home from work on Wednesday evening. Oscar's mom and bro came by today to ask about snow chains, because they're planning to drive down to Utah on Monday (insert lols here? aka I don't think the trip is going to happen). His mom said that the roads were basically either snow, sheets of ice, or patches of black ice that looked like clear road that people would accelerate over and fishtail.

So! The story of the week so far:

Oscar and I carpooled into work on Tuesday, which is usually our night to have Tristan. I went to pick O up from work a half hour earlier than usual, for to beat the traffic. Ha. Beat traffic, haha. We had decided to stop at Lowe's on the way home to get a kerosene heater and some kerosene, in case the power goes out and we don't want to freeze like popsicles. Robert, O's brother, had gone to pick up some firewood in Mukilteo and was then going to pick Tristan up at 6.

Robert gets stuck in Mukilteo, calls Oscar from the firewood place, and says that he can't get there and we'll have to pick him up. However, we're stranded in stop and go traffic on I-5 and are no closer than he is, so Oscar calls Kresha to ask if she can go pick him up. She's still in Northgate at work, but is still closer than we are, so she goes to pick him up. Rather than staying on I-5, we decide to take Aurora, because a) Lowe's is on Aurora and b) it'll probably be quicker to take Northgate and go north, than take 130th and go south.




Aurora was stop and go as well. So, I'm at the wheel, and Oscar calls the Montessori to tell them that Kresha's on her way but is running late. They say that everyone else is, too. We get to Lowe's, my blood sugar is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashing, I snack on some dried apples. Kresha ends up taking Tristan for the night, switching us for Wednesday. We go in to get the kerosene heater. We decide to go to Costco while we're at it, so we head up to Costco and stock up on groceries. We get frozen yogurt with strawberries even though it's below freezing outside.

Wednesday we carpooled into work, and Oscar bused home early since T's school let out early. I waited until traffic calmed down and headed home around 6:30.

I pondered going into work on Thursday, but after looking at the laundry list of suspended bus routes on the metro website, decided against it. Same with yesterday. I kinda feel like a wuss, because it sounds like a lot of people DID brave the streets and go into work. But hey. I'm a wuss. Am I a wuss? Hehe.

We're supposed to go get a tree, and pick up stuff at the mall, and obtain snow chains.. but it's supposed to snow again (hard) tonight, and every place O has called is out of snow chains, and JC Penney may close early..

Not even sure if we're going to go out today, either.

Oscar's still calling places to see if anyone has snow chains, but everyone he's called (for the past hour) is out. I wonder why. :P There was going to be a winter solstice event at a friend of mine's house tomorrow, FIVE BLOCKS AWAY, and that's been canceled because most people going don't live just five blocks away.

And yes, it was just decided that we're not going out today. It's coming down pretty hard now.

I think it will be an evening of wine, BSG, computer games, cuddling, hot sexxors, and knitting. Though not necessarily in that order. :D

Hope everyone's safe! SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008 FTW!!#!#